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Are your eyebrows ageing You?

Are your eyebrows ageing you? – When we think about the signs of ageing our initial concerns may be crow’s feet around the eyes, grey roots appearing in our hair or developing of age spots, right? However, the reality is that many of us are unintentionally ageing ourselves long before any of these factors come into play. Eyebrows can play a huge role in how old your face looks, and read more

Saving Faces

‘The face is the only part of our body we cannot hide. It conveys our emotions and innermost feelings. We often judge each other on the basis of facial appearance, making assumptions on a whole range of issues.’ Saving faces. At Elate we understand the importance of the face and the psychological issues surrounding our our physical appearance. This is why we have made Saving Faces our charity of choice. read more

No-KNIFE Nose Job

“The No-KNIFE Nose Job: The revolutionary procedure that smooths out bumps – without surgery.” A new medical procedure is helping thousands of people straighten out their bumpy noses without going under the knife. This revolutionary treatment involves injecting dermal filler into the face to make a smoother line from base to tip. While, in reality, this makes the nose bigger, the more regular appearance can actually make it appear smaller. The alternative, is the more expensive, read more

What should I be doing in my daily skincare routine?

Everyone needs a daily skincare routine, whether your skin is dry, combination or oily, no matter what your age! Have a read of this post to see what we recommend you should be doing… Pre-cleanse. A pre-cleanse is a great way to remove the majority of the dirt and oils (or make-up) from your skin. Doing this regularly will allow the cleanser to penetrate the skin deeper and allow for a more intense clean. You can read more

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