David Beckham’s buzz cut has everyone guessing!

When it comes to hairstyles and cuts David Beckham has never shied away from a daring look, whether it be a mohawk or a slinky hairband to tame his locks.

However, most recently there has been controversy over his latest look that he has been showcasing during his trip in China. The former footballer, 43, dyed buzz cut haircut looks visibly thicker from earlier in the month when he sported a thinner hairline and central hair whilst he was holidaying in Miami.

Wondering how Beckham has managed to have a complete regrowth in a few weeks? The obvious answer would be a ‘hair transplant’ but we think its deeper than that. 

Here’s what our Medical Director, DR Max thinks: although we cannot be sure, of course, what exactly he has done, the possibilities include hair restoration surgery, although it is too soon for the transplanted hair to have grown in this time. Another possibility is a well designed sleek hair system and of course the easiest and simplest option would be hair thickening products. 

What are your thoughts on Beckham’s new look? Here at Elate we are fans!

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