Don’t Be Bridget in 2019 – let the experts keep your face resolutions! 


At this time of the year, we often notice the ageing process more than usual. Perhaps it’s those heavy parties, maybe over indulging in noxious chemicals, alcohol! of all sorts that makes us realise that perhaps we are looking a little more haggard than we would like. Of course, we are all a year older and we feel it so at the start of the New Year we make resolutions. Numerous resolutions – like Bridget Jones. Unfortunately her many resolutions fell flat, often like her! 

Some of the most common resolutions we hear from our friends and family are things such as: ‘Oh, I’ve got to lose weight/exercise more/get fit!’ Or ‘I need to Detox, stop eating chocolate, sugar and alcohol!’ Many of these may be said without full intentions to keep them, and some do last from a few days to a few weeks most often. 

However, I believe one of the most common problems is how bad we feel our skin and face becomes after the merriment and endless festivities over the holiday period. Usually there are issues around dryness of skin, loss of moisture, tone and brightness and general quality of the skin. These problems often make ageing seem worse. Most of us reach for creams bought from over the counter. However, no matter how expensive or well branded and highly marketed these creams are they are simply cosmetics. They cannot treat the root cause, for example, of deep eyes, or volume loss in the cheeks. They usually provide cover up and penetrate only the superficial layers at best. 

Most of us are not aware that there are alternatives that can really help your skin and face from the inside. Some of these may be in the form of prescription medicines and can alter the deeper layers of skin, to produce more collagen, for example. More collagen means more youthful skin and so we all want more collagen! 

These treatments are possible if the person treating you is someone who understands the aesthetics of skin and may be able to create a package that involves no down time. The same principal applies to superficial beauty facials and deeper medical treatments that can have many more and longer lasting effects. 

However, the importance of not being like Bridget is that she lets her New Years’ resolutions fall. That is the same with most of us. So, what if there was a resolution that didn’t require you to pound your muscles to a pulp four times a week in the gym? Or require numerous expensive, and mostly ineffective, creams to help your skin? Or better still made you look as amazing as you do when you put on your posh make; simply up by contouring, enhancing and shaping your face?

Well, all of these things are possible with aesthetic treatments. There are only two pre-requisites that you should look for. One is the treatments used, for example, dermal fillers, are only the best quality from certified British pharmacies. The second, and most crucial part, is the person who is treating you. They should be a registered and licensed medical practitioner who is not only trained to do these treatments but is an expert in Cosmetic Medicine. This is really important for advanced treatments, such as eyes. As we have seen in the media recently, when cosmetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers are performed by people who do not know what they are doing; this can result in catastrophic appearances and very serious medical health consequences. 

The best expert is the one who appreciates your face as being different from everyone else’s and can provide a safe, bespoke, lovely treatment for you is the one to consider. The most unfortunate problem is that the aesthetics and cosmetic industry is unregulated. It is like the wilds of a jungle out there. Anyone, without any medical qualifications whatsoever can buy a filler from one of the cheapest online companies, the filler has almost always come from abroad and has been made abroad without any quality control and then put it into your face. 

My personal philosophy is to use only the best products in the world, taking you on an aesthetic journey. That process will result in beautiful glowing skin, enhancements and rejuvenation in the right areas giving you a rested and natural appearance and all without ever making you look artificial! Natural yet more beautiful for 2019!

I believe you can keep your New Year’s Resolution of looking young, refreshed and rested after the party season and not turn into Bridget by letting someone else do the hard work for you, so that your resolution will still be going strong until next Christmas!. Naturally. 

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