Embrace your winter skin with our top 5 tips!



When it comes to winter all we ever think about is how cold it is, at Elate HQ we seen our first sprinkle of a snowflake today and brr it got us thinking of just how much our skin may be suffering from weather like this. 

The outside cold, blustery weather can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated, while indoors heat may remove moisture from the air and most importantly your skin! Don’t worry it sounds like there is no way out however, we have put 5 top tips together to make sure your skin is moisturised and feeling its best at all times during the colder months. We have you sorted all you need to do is see what you can start implementing into your winter skin routine below:

  1. Stay hydrated – it’s not just a concern for only sunny weather, keeping hydrated is vital during the winter months. This time of year we often layer up with jumpers, thermals, wooly knitted scarfs and cosy boots. However, sweat can reduce body temperature and force your heart to work harder to maintain blood flow and body temperature. Therefore, making sure you remain hydrated is vital. You should be drinking at least nine cups of water a day unfortunately coffee, tea and soft drinks don’t count. As caffeinated drink a diuretics which means they can trigger the body to eliminate water.
  1. Apply sunscreenNot using sunscreen in the winter months can be very damaging for your skin leading to brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles and also skin cancer. Did you know? The sun is closer to the art surface during the colder, winter months and that snow takes up to 80 percent of the UV light from the sun. This means that you are often hit by the same rays twice. Make sure you invest in a good sunscreen it is vital.

We recommend Obagi The Obagi sunscreen are suited to a range of skin types and needs, the sunscreens provide daily protection from the sun to help prevent signs of skin aging. The technologically advanced formulation provides skin protection against both UVB and UVA radiation plus infrared defence helps to buffer the skin from heat-derived oxidative stress.

  1. Moisturise your skin and hands – It is vital that you moisturise regularly to lock in your skin’s natural moisture.The combination of dry indoor heat and brutal cold outdoors makes it nearly impossible to keep hands soft and supple. Ditch the mainstream hand moisturiser and invest in a nourishing moisturiser that has calming oils to combat the dryness of winter hands.
  1. Skin care regime We can’t get away from flaky, dull skin during winter however, we can change up our skin care regime to make sure we have a warm winter glow. Its important to check the labels on skincare products, avoiding products that contain alcohol that dries out the skin. You should opt for products that contain less-drying astringent ingredients. When it comes to pampering use sheet masks that lock in moisture and rejuvenate your skin. Remember not to overdo it when it comes to cleansing watch your face with a hydrating cleanser.
  1. Don’t overheat your skin When it comes to hot showers all of us are guilty of staying in for too long. I know it may be hard to believe but overly hot showers in winter over dry your skin and remove your natural oils that keep your skin healthy. Use an humidifier in rooms you spend the most time in. Humidity levels of 30-40% are ideal for keeping moisture in your skin. This prevents your skin from feeling itchy and crackly.

If you don’t find a cure to your winter skin with the above recommendations, remember we are only a phone call away Dr Max, our Medical Director is happy to give you advice over the phone or through consultation.

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