Look Good, Think Good, Feel Good

Dr Max and his team at Elate Health Clinic understand the importance of making the right aesthetic medical decision for you and we know this is not always easy. We believe this process is emotional and not just physical. Our patient, Sarah, underwent this consultation and psychological and treatment process with us. She has kindly shared her thoughts with us today and Dr Max has shared her journey.

“I was desperate to improve the way I looked and scared about the treatment and possibility of not looking the way I wanted or maybe looking even worse. I was at the point where I didn’t want to go out as I felt that I looked so awful and didn’t want people looking at me. I hit the menopause, I seemed to age 20 or 30 years in 2 or 3 years, it was so awful.  I have also had extremely poor experiences with cosmetic surgeons in the past, even undergoing surgery which only looked good until the swelling had reduced after a matter of weeks and then they didn’t want to know”

I realised that Sarah was nervous about coming to see a cosmetic doctor, especially since she had previously had negative experiences with cosmetic surgeons. She expressed to me her disappointment in them; especially when she went back to express her concerns and they did not address these. I wanted to know what she felt about her face and looks, what were her main concerns and I tried to understand her fears and why she had lost confidence in herself. It was important to understand her fears and together find treatments that would best help her.

“Max is wonderful.  He looked at me.  He wasn’t detrimental to my looks, picking out my best features, but being totally honest about what needed to be improved. He talked me through the whole procedure in a wonderful, friendly and supportive way. I can now go out and hold my head up and smile! The improvement is fantastic I love looking at myself in the mirror as I look like I expect me to look.”

Having done a full and thorough consultation, I sent Sarah a written treatment plan and gave her sufficient time to think things through; this is my usual practice. I highlighted her positive features, while always being honest about what might need some improvement. I advised her of all the options that may be available and what each one would entail, including downtime, discomfort and cost, for example, the advantages of surgical compared to non-surgical options. Considering her previous negative experiences of surgical interventions, Sarah chose non-surgical options, using specialised fillers to resculpt and rejuvenate her face. Some weeks later, before starting any treatment, I had another consultation with her and explained what would be involved in the treatment process. I talked her through the whole process. I knew that Sarah wanted to look rejuvenated and fresh, not plastic or artificial in any way. I am delighted to say that we achieved her desired outcome and surpassed her expectations and managed to achieve this using non-surgical techniques In fact, Sarah told me she thoughts the results were much better than her previous surgery and she was extremely pleased and happy at the end of the process, which made my job very rewarding.

“One of the most important things to me is that following the two treatment sessions you are not then told to leave and that is it, you are on your own!  His support and treatment continues, continuously.  On my second appointment, he said he will organise another appointment to monitor his work and to see if anything else needs doing or improving. I am no longer on my own! This means the absolute world to me.”

During the re-sculpting and rejuvenating process of her face I managed to improve the balance and symmetry of her features as well, making her look younger; her treatments were carried out over 2 sessions. This gave Sarah her confidence back, she could go out without fear of judgement and did not feel self-conscious anymore. Since then she has been free to come and visit me and have further consultations and advice, without further charge, this support has meant that Sarah has felt that she is not on her own during her aesthetic journey and she is able to come and see me for advice, support and treatments, if necessary, on a long-term basis. I know this means a lot to her and as she told me that her quality of life has improved greatly. As a doctor, this is the most satisfying aspect of my work.

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