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From the moment I met Dr Max, he put me at complete and utter ease. I’ve had treatment before but never with anyone who has shown such a genuine interest in my concerns and offered such valuable advice.

Treatment was done with absolute expert skill, precision and care and apart from a few minor uncomfortable parts, pain free. I have had no bruising and no obvious signs of any treatment having been done. The result…restored and rejuvenated and above all else, absolutely beyond ecstatic with the results. I cannot recommend Elate highly enough.

The staff are all fabulous and Dr Max is quite simply the best! I will be returning…again and again and again!


Max Malik is one of the most understanding and kindest of people I have ever met, he treats everyone as though they are his friends.  I was desperate to improve the way I looked and also scared about the treatment and possibility of not looking the way I wanted to after, or maybe looking even worse.  I was at the point where I didn’t want to go out as I felt that I looked so awful and didn’t want people looking at me.  I am now 58 years old and have always being used to looking young … until I hit the menopause, where I seemed to age 20 or 30 years in 2 or 3 years, it was so awful.  I have also had extremely poor experiences with cosmetic surgeons in the past, even undergoing surgery which only looked good until the swelling had reduced after a matter of weeks and then they didn’t want to know.

Max is wonderful.  He looked at me.  He wasn’t detrimental to my looks, picking out my best features, but being totally honest about what needed to be improved.  The treatment that I had can only be described as slightly uncomfortable, none of it was painful.  He talked me through the whole procedure in a wonderful, friendly and supportive way.   I have had two treatments and I can now go out and hold my head up… and smile!  The improvement is fantastic I love looking at myself in the mirror as I look like I expect me to look.  I don’t look twenty or even thirty again, but I just look like me.

One of the most important things to me is that following the two treatment sessions you are not then told to leave and that is it, you are on your own!  His support and treatment continues, continuously.  On my second appointment, he said he will organise another appointment in January to monitor his work and to see if anything else needs doing or improving further and to discuss a facial regime for me to carry out at home.  I am no longer on my own!!!  This means the absolute world to me.

I would recommend Max to anyone, and don’t do this lightly.  I can’t believe my luck that I was fortunate enough to be introduced to him.

In addition to this, the staff that work with Max are also wonderful, kind, caring and supportive.

Thank you so much Max you (I know this sounds dramatic) but you have given me my life back and I never thought I would feel this good again.


Me and my partner were made to feel very welcome and put at ease from the very first meeting. The care provided has been very professional, confidential, to the point and catered exactly for our individual needs.
The personal attention you get is second to none and the service provides flexibility to fit around our routine.

Since we have been coming to Elate Health, we now consider ourselves more as friends, then patients/clients.

We would recommend Elate Health to everyone who wishes personal health and beauty care tailored for their own individual purpose, all this bundled into a relaxed, friendly and excellent quality of care experience.


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