Perfect Party Pout

Party season is among us! Glittery dresses, sequinned heels you name it everything is given a glitz of sprinkle this time of year. When it comes to looking good for the annual Xmas party or getting ready for Christmas Day its no wander more and more women are adding a little sprinkle of dermal filler.

When it comes to lips it’s no secret lip augmentation is still as trendy as it was when Kylie Jenner first introduced her plumped up pout to the world.

Lip fillers are known to restore lost volume to the lips increase the volume and plumpness in your lip. We believe having the perfect base for your lipstick with a plumped up pout this season is a must. Did you know the majority of us are born with thin lips or in some cases they may appear to be thinner as a results of natural ageing, as collagen is broken down a lot quicker in our lips.

If you’re after a festive lift you’ll be happy to know the results are instant and the procedure requires no downtime. Best of all you can even have this procedure on a lunch break and return back to your desk without anyone knowing.

A question that we are asked a lot is, are lip fillers safe?

Our response is simple if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! Like many doctor led clinics we believe getting procedures like lip augmentation and dermal fillers at a spa or a beauty salon by a beautician who hasn’t had the same training nor could prescribe medication or dissolve the lip filler if you don’t like it, is simply a risk not worth taking!

You’ll be happy to know all of our treatments are led by experienced doctors. Our doctors choice when it comes to the type of filler used is the Restylane Silk brand.

According to Viorlife Restylane Silk has the following benefits:

  • Offering a thinner texture than traditional Restylane, it works better to treat vertical lip lines
  • Longer G Prime than Juvederm, resulting in more of a lift effect, maintains its positioning a little more due to greater “hardness” of gel
  • NASHA cross-linking technology using smaller, smoother H.A. particles
  • One step cross-linking process produces large masses of biphasic gel. Large gel masses are then broken down into smaller, average size pieces by processing through sieves.  This allows large gel masses to be sized down for injection into skin.
  • Results include softer, smoother more symmetrical looking lips
  • Less discoloration (Tyndall effect) once the product settles into place after injection
  • Has an H.A. concentration of 20 mg/cc
  • Higher viscosity (measurement of force required for gel to exit syringe) than Juvederm
  • Approved by the FDA in 2014
  • Lasts for approximately 6 months
  • 98% reported visible results/improvement approximately 14 days after first treatment
  • 76% continued to see results 6 months after initial treatment
  • Contains lidocaine (anesthetic)

After a perfect pout why not come and see one of our expert doctors for a complimentary consultation and see how we can help!

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