Skin rejuvenation advice from Elate Health

Skin rejuvenation advice from Elate Health

Is your skin looking uncharacteristically dull? Are you suffering with acne breakouts? Perhaps you’re in need of a dermal detox. Between the ingredients in your makeup or skincare and the daily dirt you acquire on top of it, from time to time your skin needs a breather. By detoxing your skin at once a month you’ll see natural improvements in tone and radiance and decrease the need to wear heavy foundations on a daily basis. It’s a healthy 3-step cycle that can lead to visible improvements, according to the Elate Health team!

Bare Naked
Even if you’re lucky enough to be just a concealer-only user, any amount of makeup can suffocate skin and clog up your delicate pores. Try spending a day totally makeup-free and let your skin breathe. Allowing your skin to freely absorb oxygen helps reduce blemishes, redness and inflammation, leaving you with a naturally radiant and healthy glow. This weekend, leave your makeup bag untouched and see how much brighter your complexion looks come Monday morning.

Dermal Defence
There’s of course no denying the value of great beauty products, but giving your skin 24 hours off from your skincare routine, including beauty treatments and cosmeceuticals, gives it a chance to renew itself naturally. Without powerful products to rely on every day, your skin gently executes the natural rejuvenation process it was intended to do. Giving your skin occasional time away from often-used but potentially harmful ingredients such as perfumes, parabens, preservatives, allows it much-needed opportunity to cleanse and detox naturally.

Natural Defence
Sometimes Mother Nature provides you with all you need for better skin. If you really want to detoxify your skin there are some naturally effective ways to do it in your very own kitchen. Applying crushed strawberries as a face scrub can help to gently remove dead skin cells, and can even boost the creation of new ones. They’re also great at absorbing unwanted oiliness and can reduce under-eye puffiness. If you’re looking to unclog pores, organic apple cider vinegar has been shown to normalise pH levels in the skin and actually contains hydroxyl acids, which dissolve oil and clean out pores.

Advanced Skin Treatments

Of course, for some of us a skin detox might not be the full answer. If you are worried about signs of facial ageing around your eyes, or you feel your skin would do with a lift, there are some treatments available at Elate Health that might rejuvenate your skin’s tone and texture. At Elate Health we offer a full range of non-surgical anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatments that can help bring a youthful glow back to your face. From chemical peels to brighten and renew your skin, to injectable treatments including dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections, at Elate Health out team of experts offer the best advice and solutions to all of your skin concerns.

If you’d like more information on the latest skin rejuvenation treatments available at Elate Health, book a consultation with one of the team of experts today. We know that looking good means you feel good, so let us help you on your journey to better skin health today.



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