Medical Peels and Mesotherapy

Is your skin a bit sad, grey and generally in need of an Elate Glow?

Maybe it is time you booked in to see us for a course of Peels or Mesotherapy.


Medical prescription peels are a great way of treating blemishes, scarring, hyperpigmentation and the general quality of the skin. They can help rejuvenate and improve skin quality, tone and radiance as well as more serious medical problems.


Mesotherapy consists of Injections into the skin and face. It works at different levels and on different structures such as the bone, muscles or layers of the skin. Mesotherapy can help in acne, scarring and pigmentation. Specific Mesotherapy can be used for hair, under eye pigmentation and colour in the skin. It can be great for improving collagen and rejuvenating, while resulting in radiance and glowing skin quality and rejuvenating the face, neck, décolletage and hands. It is also great in combination with PRP: Dracula Therapy, Peels and skin treatment regimes.

Treatment time
20 - 30 minutes
Topical cream
A few hours
3 - 6 months


How long will it take for me to be fully back to normal?

You will feel completely normal post treatment. However, you may experience redness and or peeling for up to 10 days

How many sessions of treatment can I expect and how long will it take to see the results?

For best results 1 – 5 sessions may be required

How uncomfortable will the procedure be?

You may experience minimal discomfort.

How much will the treatment cost?

Prices start from £245 per treatment

Before & After Photos


Acne & HyperPigmentation

Patient Promise

Elate Health’s Patient Promise

1. At Elate we pride ourselves on ethical medical treatment: we promise to always give you detailed honest guidance during every consultation. If a treatment is not suitable for you, we will inform you and advise you accordingly.

2. At Elate we will always provide you with a psychological assessment with every treatment: we promise our priority will always be your psychological and physical wellbeing.

3. Elate will always put your needs first: we understand how important this journey is for you, we will support you at every step. Your journey does not end with your treatment plan; we will continue to help you should you need it. Follow up consultations that relate to the initial treatment will remain free of charge.

4. Elate promises to always show discretion, respect and complete confidentiality in every aspect of your experience: your journey with Elate should be positive and we will support you at every step. We will always treat you as an individual with personal needs and never as a number.

5. Elate will always use the highest quality products: we realise that the saying, 'quality counts' particularly applies to us and therefore, we promise to ensure all our products are prescribed from ethical, British pharmacies who are quality assured and regulated. We will never compromise on the quality of our products to save on expense and we guarantee that we will only ever use the very best manufacturers in the world.

6. Elate will always seek the best options for you: we aim to provide a complete service to make you feel and look the best you can be. Therefore, if one of our medical specialists feels it is appropriate, we are more than happy to refer you on to another outstanding expert.

7. Elate provides a personalised service: at Elate, Dr Max Malik, our Medical Director, has brought together over 20 years of medical experience to create a unique system of Cosmetic Medicine, Aesthetic Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr Max Malik performs all advanced aesthetic procedures personally. These are delivered with a passion that is unequalled. The treatments will always be individual to you so that we can achieve excellent results. We always aim to improve your self-confidence and so help you live your life to its fullest potential.

The information provided is based on the average patient experience. The final treatment plan, results, expectations and experiences will vary from patient to patient. All treatment at Elate Health is subject to a thorough consultation. Many before and after images are courtesy of the manufacturers.

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